ANCARANI Linea Faventia

On the hills surrounding Faenza, biodiversity can be identified with “Centesimino”, a local grape species newly re-discovered, grown and wisely transformed into excellent wine, by a restricted group of wine producers (8 in total).

Ancarani is happy and proud to be one of them; “Centesimino” represents a richness for the whole territory and a point of strength to give new life to wine-making in the entire Romagna area.It is right from these grapes, that the Savignôn Rosso is obtained…


A – The Artist’s Label. In Romagna, a small region in north-east Italy, during the biginning of the last century, local artists and craftmen were used to create sort of small books in few enumerated copies, using mixed techniques: xilography, etching, letterpress, … The labels for “A” and “Apeyron”, two wines by VILLA VENTI, follow the same criteria because they are two small pieces of art too.